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Though the name of the room does indicate that the room is for subs and Doms/Dommes, really anyone is welcome. New members please introduce yourself on the "Welcome" thread and please be sure to read the rules.

The Rules: 1. All of the rules set forth by Fuck Locally Social Sex finder will be upheld, which includes not giving out contact information in the room. 2. Please do not use all CAPS in the room. it is considered shouting and therefore is rude. 3. please be respectful to all players, just because it maybe a scene you wouldn't choose to participate in, do not feel it's your place to make negative comments, we're trying to make this an area where all people can explore and experiment there desires without fear of judgement 4. Cameras are allowed in the room, but please do NOT advertise it if someone should feel inclined to watch they will do so 5. Absolutely no asking other members to join you in other rooms or on IM's while present in chat in the room. This will be grounds for an immediate ban after one warning. This means NO GREYBOXING in the room either 6. DO NOT USE FLASH CHAT IN THE ROOM!! 7. No scat, incest, family , watersports, or scenes. Doms may be forceful and demanding with the subs, but that is not the same as . NO MEANS NO! ABSOLUTELY NO BEASTIALITY. 8. This is a Male on Male friendly room Having said all this I would like to welcome you to the room, we try to keep the mood light and friendly and the scenes hot, so kick off your shoes and make yourself at home..

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