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If You Would Like To Leave Me A Personal Message
Posted:Oct 10, 2015 4:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2018 6:22 pm

"It's Personal."

If you have something you would like to tell or ask me, why not post a comment here? This thread is set for me to review comments before they appear. They're just between you and me. Well I might read them out loud and they could be overheard by my pets.

I would love if you would comment on my blog posts of course. But if you just want to leave a quick message about any and everything, please feel free...

I recommend everyone have a blog so that others can contact them.

Have a great day!

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Explaining My Poetry Style
Posted:Mar 14, 2018 9:39 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 6:43 am

Critical Poetry Thoughts

Someone criticized my poetry,
He said he could not understand it
He said that it did not make sense
He said that it is kind of juvenile
As I make it like a conversation.

Oh really well let me tell you what I really think!
I don't really know why I write poetry this way.
I just began and it is hard to change.

This person suggested I need to add description
That I had to add visuals
That I had to describe the senses
That I had to let people feel for themselves
And not tell them only how I feel.

But like a zebra
If I were to be covered in white paint
Eventually the stripes would reappear
As the paint would fade.

Nature has many an animal that has spots
Supposedly they cannot change them
Should I count myself in their kingdom?
But I have many more facets as I am a human.

Oh then there is that lizard
Made famous by Boy George and Culture Club,
Come on and sing it!
I know you want to!
quot;Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Chameleon".
Its skin changes with its surroundings.
Oh were I that adaptable!
Perhaps some day I will be.

But now that I have vented,
Now that my pot has gone from boiling to simmering,
I will just tell myself in a soft whisper.
It is all good.
It is actually constructive criticism.
It is just an added piece of wisdom
To which I can pick at as I please.

I may one day write a poem with just imagery.
I may one day write a poem that does not voice,
the way I speak,
I may one day write a poem that does not rhyme at all.
Who would I be then?
Would I still be me?
Oh seriously,
I am not that dense
I am just going through the motions
Until this poem ends.
Even Though. A Poem
Posted:Nov 11, 2018 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2018 7:57 pm

It's deflating knowing
You are not on
The same wavelength.
That you don't think
About me the same way.

I thought highly of you.
Your humility
Your generosity
Your gratitude
For your family and friends.
It speaks volumes
About who you are
As a person.

But even though
There was no awkwardness
Even though
We thoroughly enjoyed
Each other's company.
You have not indicated
Wanting an encore
Even though we still text.

So I am in this
Holding pattern
Wondering how long
I should wait to see
If you will take the hint.
Take me up
On my unspoken offer
Of a performance
I so want to repeat
Dependence And Solitude. A Poem
Posted:Nov 7, 2018 4:19 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2018 2:14 pm

People become dependent.
I know as I have been
One of them.
I was dependent on
Other's approval
I was dependent on
Them for other things.

Is it growing up
Or out
To lessen dependence
To seek one's independence?
I know time played a part
In my case.
I just effing decided
I needed my space!
I have one life!
It should be lived
For my benefit
Not just for others.
This I learned
The hard way.

But I am not an island
I need to have
Some social contact.
Moderation darling
Can be the a formula
That is winning.
Betwixt dependence
And solitude
Not giving either
The lead role
In my life's play.
My Peter, Paul And Mohamed Day A Story
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 10:22 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2018 2:10 pm

I came across this story that I wrote four years ago. I thought I would post it here for your viewing pleasure. Maybe it is only interesting to me LOL To me it shows me that I once had an interesting life. Ha!

Seeing Peter and Paul on Morning Joe today brings back some pleasant memories. They are 2/3 of the group Peter, Paul and Mary.

The pleasant memories were while I was in my 4th year of college at the University of Pennsylvania. I was dating a guy named Peter. He was a grad student of biology. We had met at a book store. He liked my sense of humor and asked if he could walk with me for a while. I said sure. I had to stop at CVS for toilet paper though. LOL He and I were not alike. He was Jewish, that was one thing. That did not really bother me. But also, he would say "WRONG." loudly when we were talking about mundane or important stuff. Is that not the height of being annoying? Well, I knew our relationship would not work. Duh!

Now at my dorm, there was a freshman who seemed to have a crush on me. I was quite hot then...and so gosh darn approachable. His name was Paul. He was Catholic from a big family near Pittsburgh. I worked at the front desk of the dorm doing security. Paul would sit there talking to me. It was nice to have company. I knew he was crushing on me

I worked in another dorm doing security as well. That place was called the International House which had lots of foreign students or students who were studying languages. Well, there resided my crush, Mohamed. Just thinking of him, (30 ago) brings back a flush to my face and neck. LOL. Anyway, he was so handsome and interesting. He was a grad student in BioMechanical Engineering. He paid me some attention while I was working there. Oh did my heart race at that. He had a girlfriend who looked like a model. She was a wild child who was really cool. I wish I could have been more like her. I was more like the girl next door or thought of by most guys as their little sister (of which I was to the fraternity of AEP).

On one wild day, three things happened. I saw Peter kissing another girl while I was walking on campus. He did not see me. We were still supposed to be a couple. Paul was there to console me. He was so understanding and complimentary. He said how stupid was Peter for treating me that way. All a salve to my fragile ego. We kissed. Quite a few times actually. He left my room and we made an agreement to meet up around Midnite after he had attended some function. In the meantime, I had left a message for Mohamed. I don't remember what it was..something lame probably. Well, shock of all shocks, he called me.
He asked me if I wanted to come over to talk. OMG. You bet your ass I did. I practically ran the distance between our dorms. We, talked about so many things. And then he made some moves on me. I was more than willing. He kissed like no one I had ever kissed. Tenderly and then deeply. I complimented him. He said he had a lot of experience. That I could surely believe. Anyway,we did lots of things except the ultimate act, if you get the idea. I stayed the night. It was like a dream. He knew I was crushing on him and he had a girlfriend remember. And I...oh my god, I had forgot about Peter, my so called boyfriend and I had forgot about Paul the guy I was supposed to meet at Midnight.

So there is the Peter, Paul and Mohamed day

Btw, Mohamed became a good friend. He actually became a decent confidante. I kept in touch with him for a while. I Googled him last nite...not knowing this story would come into being. He is some big shot(CE of a tech company in California. I wish him the best that life can offer. The other guys I don't feel the to Google. They are just characters of my past. Okay I just Googled Paul and he seems to be happy. For some reason I cannot remember Peter's last name.
Low Key. A Poem
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 2:10 am
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2018 7:28 pm

It could be
A low key affair.
One in which
I do not go full boar
But possess something akin
To a grazing gazelle
Nibbling nibbling nibbling
But ready to bolt
For any commotion
Any stirring
Even on the periphery
Of my vision.

It's a situation
Of being nonchalant.
Something that
Was hard learned.
A lesson that
Coming on too strong
Is off-putting.

I want it to be
All good!
Don't I know it!
If only I could
Get that point across
Without seeming
Too overbearing
And desperate.
Am I protesting too much
My inability to just
Come out and
Say what I want?
Thinking just writing
About it gives it merit?
I suppose what
It boils down to
Is self protection.
Taking things slow
And steady
And step by step
Not putting the
Cart before the horse
As was my penchant.
A Repeat Performance? A Poem
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 1:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2018 5:33 am

I let him know
That the feeling
Was mutual.
I had a good time
And complimented
Certain traits he has
Or actions he took.
What I didn't say
Or dare to ask
Was if there was
To be an encore.
I couldn't bear
To ruin my mood
My euphoria
If there were
A negative response
If there were
To be a rejection.

Once again
The ball is in
The man's court.
I have long known
My penchant
For being hurt.
If I don't get too excited
Or to high
For a future
Will my anxiety
Be lessened?
Kind of possessing
An attitude
Of laissez faire
Or Que Sera Sera.
Will that get me
What I really want
Which is a
Repeat performance?.
Or will it get me
Nowhere fast?
As it seems I am
The one not
Making an effort.
Dreams Will Have To Do. A Poem
Posted:Nov 4, 2018 3:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2018 12:23 pm

It's not for nothing
That I dream about you.
It may seem futile
But they get me through
When I think
No one else will do.

The sceanarios
With many avenues.
I moan with abandon
As it is natural.

And then we laugh
As we talk about
Various subjects.
Wearing smiles
Although we are naked.

It's not for nothing
That I dream about you.
They serve a purpose.
They get me through
A lonely night
Make that a few.

I wish you were here
Making those dreams
Come true.
But since you aren't.
Dreams will have to do.
Something To Write About. A Poem
Posted:Nov 2, 2018 2:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2018 8:56 pm

I have had these
Thoughts before
We were supposed
To meet
A few months ago.

I had such hope!
Such anticipation!
My body was coursing
With endorphins!

He is a musician.
I had thought to write
Some lyrics he could
Turn into songs.
Yes I wanted to create
Works or perhaps
More appropriate
Would be to call them
Words of art.
With him as my muse!

Then he decided to forgo
Our meeting
He said he didn't
Want to hurt my feelings
As he didn't know
What he could offer me.
I didn't push the subject
I was not up for
A one night stand.
But I kept in touch
Occasionally sending
A text to see how
He was doing.
For goodness knows
The scenarios he depicted
Were hard to forget.
They were stuck in my head.
How they came to mind
Again and again.
Exciting me and
Making me wet.

Well I am not giving up yet!
I will guage his interest.
He may not be able
To promise me much
But I might want
A rendezvous as a lark
And if nothing else
Something to write about.
A Near Miraculous Meeting. A Poem
Posted:Oct 31, 2018 3:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2018 8:56 pm

I have a fondness
For a wonderful man.
We think so much alike
It is like we are
Psychically connected
Or on the same wavelength.

I know if he were closer
We would have
Made an effort
To get together.
I have thought
Of it often
And fantasized
About our meeting.
I have two scenarios
One awkward
And one flowing
And seamless.

We would be real!
We would employ
Our natural
Senses of humor.
We would put
Each other at ease
In short order.

We might reach
A hand out
To the other
For a mutual squeeze.
I should have mentioned
That upon meeting
We would hug
And kiss each
Other on the cheek.
It is something pre-planned
To which we both agreed.
Who needs reservations
When we have been
Sharing secrets
And confidences?
Not us!
We will be ourselves!
Not pretentious
Or robotic.
And we will make
And keep
Eye contact.
As we often discussed
The eyes and
Their soul connection.
We might sigh
Possibly in unison
That this moment
Came to be
Which would
Be near miraculous.
The Distance, Misgivings And Cold Feet. A Poem
Posted:Oct 30, 2018 11:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2018 9:01 pm

I can lament the distance
That is between us.
I can say I wished
You were closer.
The truth is somewhere
In the middle
As I value you
As a person
I value our friendship
And almost think
Sex will ruin it.

Do you understand
What I mean?
We might share
Something incredible
The sex amazing
And off the charts
But what if it
Is just mediocre?
Will our connection
On the whole suffer?

I would like to do
And mundane things
Take a walk
Go to dinner
Watch a movie
Or a sporting event.
Then I might
Come to know better
How we relate.
Yes, ascertain
Our compatibility
Yes, gauge
Our chemistry.

With the distance
Between us
It would almost be
A miracle for us to meet.
I don't think I have
Hid the fact
That I have misgivings
And cold feet.
And might prefer
We stay long
Distance aquaintances.
That is where
You come in
And tell me what
You think.
You Say You Want To Be FWBs A Poem
Posted:Oct 30, 2018 2:22 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2018 5:58 pm

You say you want me.
You say you want to be FWBs.
I hear what you are saying.
But I am not sold
On the arrangement.

I would laugh
But would you understand
My facetious humor?
I have had too many
FBs, and FWBs that
Have failed to deliver.
What do I mean?
They cared about themselves
And their pleasure
But me and mine
Was another matter.

So pardon me
And the delay
In my response
While I contemplate
The pros and cons.
The pro might be
Momentary pleasure.
The con may be
My feeling nothing.
A Fragile Link A Poem
Posted:Oct 28, 2018 2:38 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2018 8:32 am

I need to stay connected.
I don't want to lose that
Fragile link.
For I do cherish
Our friendship.
It is heartwarming!

So we text a few times a day.
Hello, how are you doing?
How are you feeling?
Have you done
Anything exciting lately?
Go anywhere worth noting?

I want to hear,
I want to read
Stuff that is positive!
I don't want to read
That he is suffering.
For pain is all too prevalent.
I want to read something funny
Showing his most
Excellent sense of humor!

I need to visit!
I should not stay away
Thinking that he is occupied.
For the days could dwindle
And I will be assailed
By regret.

There is a lesson,
That is apparent.
Nike and it's motto
Just Do it!
As well as Carpe Diem.
They are a duo
Of action.
That can seal
Or unseal one's fate
If undertaken.

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