No. 2. What does this photo tell you?  

utfrangrl 44F  
12951 posts
11/6/2018 8:32 am
No. 2. What does this photo tell you?

Someone said a picture is worth a thousand words. What does this picture say to you?

Fun44wmTX 45M  
33 posts
11/6/2018 8:33 am

hott fun

clitcocklicker2 63M
125 posts
11/6/2018 8:36 am

a lotta folks are having a really fun time!!

oldashell99 55M  
7 posts
11/6/2018 8:38 am

you are very out going!

qvillebiman 61M  
267 posts
11/6/2018 8:42 am

You have some very giving friends

lovetolick1372 46M
24 posts
11/6/2018 8:42 am

a lot of wonderful fun

gtrider28 62M  
476 posts
11/6/2018 8:45 am

It says lets have some fun

Latncpl4fun 58M/38F
2 posts
11/6/2018 8:49 am

hot wife!

rt23guy 44M
29 posts
11/6/2018 8:52 am

It says the more the merrier. I don't know about a thousand words, but I'll bet she got at least a thousand thrusts. happym;

madeamark 64M
128 posts
11/6/2018 8:54 am

you enjoy life

bobbiejoe58 62T  
242 posts
11/6/2018 8:57 am

Life is to short to enjoy only one.

scott6250 56M  
12216 posts
11/6/2018 9:01 am

Super hot fun.

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

redd508b 75M  
10 posts
11/6/2018 9:05 am

Get in line for your turn

RavenGB 57M  
507 posts
11/6/2018 9:08 am

serious shortage of women hits new heights...

karlanthony5 41M
16 posts
11/6/2018 9:08 am

Chap in the middle takes too long to undress!

RavenGB 57M  
507 posts
11/6/2018 9:10 am

Women really do multi-task better than men?

astute2r3 63M
225 posts
11/6/2018 9:12 am

Sensitivity and Stimulation levels "could be" at an elevated level, more stimulation seems possible and a joy for all, could be possibly shared.

JohnInNebraska 58M
64 posts
11/6/2018 9:12 am

We need to get together

Kinkedstylezzz 36M
13 posts
11/6/2018 9:15 am

some really hot fun going on

meetfordrink 59M
47 posts
11/6/2018 9:20 am

The more the merrier! Call me next time please!

B0x069xxx 41M
124 posts
11/6/2018 9:29 am

This picture says, damn I have the wrong circle of friends. LOL

Jokie5533 62M
27 posts
11/6/2018 9:55 am

A fantasy finally coming true. You've waited so long for this to come. Secretly thinking and cumming over the thought of 3 hard, long cocks at your beckon call....Each will find you deep, wet and ready for the trashing; taking you soft to begin then thrusting hard and everywhere. Make my clit explode and my ass wide-open filled with your cum. All of me today; I've waited so long...

Pussyseater6969 25M
1149 posts
11/6/2018 10:01 am

That she knows how to have a great time n like having more than one lol

luvgluv19 70M
1760 posts
11/6/2018 10:08 am

They are living the life with no regrets to ponder later

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 58M
2912 posts
11/6/2018 10:13 am

It says to me, one of those men isnt doing his best or he would be under her with his cock in her ass to make her airtite !

beamerbum2 57M
4803 posts
11/6/2018 10:15 am

Somebody's horny!

ohioguy606 71M
202 posts
11/6/2018 10:21 am

She likes cock!

needitnow951 52M
23 posts
11/6/2018 10:44 am

She's a good fun girl.

TallGuy4Gals 51M
15 posts
11/6/2018 11:01 am

it tells me that women are better at multi-tasking

Freeonereturns 57F  
374 posts
11/6/2018 11:10 am

There's a room of girls somewhere in the house and I'm going to find them.

SouthGeorgiaCoug 61F  
46 posts
11/6/2018 11:59 am

The other one was nice but this is what I'm into now!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

Apollorising2057 58M  
5195 posts
11/6/2018 12:22 pm

It tells me that I would like to join your group!

Become a Apollorising2057 blog watcher!

harbor112 58M
540 posts
11/6/2018 12:35 pm

Next ….

RednCole666npr 40M/36F  
10 posts
11/6/2018 12:35 pm

Looks hella fun

RednCole666npr 40M/36F  
10 posts
11/6/2018 12:36 pm for one more?

RednCole666npr 40M/36F  
10 posts
11/6/2018 12:47 pm

Looks tasty

RednCole666npr 40M/36F  
10 posts
11/6/2018 12:48 pm

My kind of nympho

Heathen_G 59M
5239 posts
11/6/2018 3:15 pm

Four fat bisexual males having various kinds of sex ..two getting a hand job, one getting a blow job and the more dominant male gets to fuck the fat woman, and the bisexual with the ring on his finger is married to her. He's also a cuckold.

jiggyjiggy49 59M
28 posts
11/6/2018 4:09 pm


Bdsmonsterataol 30M
14 posts
11/6/2018 4:33 pm

That I want you badly

wantaplay8 65M
4669 posts
11/6/2018 4:42 pm

It says you are my kind of woman Fran...not just because of your sex fun but because you are fun.

deepdang 34M
17 posts
11/7/2018 1:56 pm

busy lady

KT1207 50M  
11 posts
11/7/2018 8:52 pm

You have a close circle of friends...

bull_in_florida 59M
570 posts
11/10/2018 6:27 am

Well damn, you're not fully engaged? Ass and one hand empty... tisk tisk.. come on and get going!!

Awesome pic!

hardalways62 70M  
3 posts
11/11/2018 3:51 pm

you are a cock lover,

Fuklikedogs 47M
569 posts
11/11/2018 5:41 pm

Perhaps one more hole to fill ? She's a multitalented woman with multiple skills

Woejoe88 30M
1 post
11/11/2018 7:29 pm

Can't get enough of that guuuuud stuff.

GentlerTongue 55M
18 posts
11/12/2018 9:06 am

thanks for sharing

DrCockring 41M
5 posts
11/12/2018 10:59 am

always good to enjoy whats available!

myexample 30M
63 posts
11/12/2018 5:46 pm

merry is going around lol

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