Mhhhm pantyhose  

jamiewannabecd 23M  
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1/12/2019 12:21 am
Mhhhm pantyhose

I just love pantyhose. The way they just sit on legs instantly gets my blood flowing. I love the way they can look on a women... but I think A man looks so much sexier in them. Whenever I get the slightest thought of a cross dresser/ tranny wearing them, I instantly get turned on. Nothing else matters... all I want is a sissy masculine ass with a sweeet cock... the bulge in my pants just continues to grow and the though of a nice cock and juicy balls flows through my head.

I have waited all my life... and still continue to fight off my sissy urges , to have one night with a sissy. Pantyhose are my switch to a sissy... and I love it.

all My sissy crushes come to mind whenever I just come across a set of legs in pantyhose..

jamiewannabecd 23M  
4 posts
1/12/2019 12:23 am

These are just a random thought... grammar and punctuation were not cared for .

I wanna see balls.... in pantyhose..... someone

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