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Her (after Him)
Posted:Feb 19, 2019 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2019 6:7 am

We leave the shower and grab some towels. Dripping wet we towel off, eyeing each other knowing we aren't through. You can feel the sexual excitement rebuilding and I love how insatiable you are. I can feel your cum inside me slowly sliding down making me all wet and slippery. I want to share this feeling with you so I slide my finger down to my pussy. I gather up some of the moisture as you watch me intently. I bring my finger to my mouth and lick the salty sweetness inside. Then I smirk knowing how much I'm teasing you. You enjoy my sexual playfulness as it heats your own. A shared and savored experience.

You take my hand and guide me to the nearby bed. Slowly you lower me to the bed and ravish my mouth with your lips. I can never get enough of your kisses. So eager, so hungry, so playful, so wet and intoxicating it leaves me wanting and shivering with pure lust. Knowing it drives me insane with desire you lean over me and smile. Your hand slides downward till your finger is caressing my inner folds. Soft, wet, slippery, and smooth you glide your magic fingers inside and deliciously torment me with more sensual heat. Your finger teases and circles and then goes lower to enter me, reaching deeper and deeper to find all my hidden sweet spots where you start applying more pressure. With one finger inside your thumb reaches up to caress my clit. Slowly you begin your sensuous strokes, circling, teasing, creating unbelievable pleasure.

Your finger is moving faster inside now (or maybe it's two - I've lost the ability to really think) and the pressure is one of both pleasure and pain. I can tell you have an objective in mind. You're applying your fingers to the wonderful spongy sensitive g-spot over and over again and the internal feeling is intoxicating. The feelings of intense sensual delight and longing are overwhelming. I realize I'm gasping out loud. I can feel my internal inner walls gushing with fluids being released. Your magical fingers are making me beg as I've never done before. I'm begging for you to stop and to continue at the same time. I don't know how to handle the sensory overload. My body feels on fire and I have these feelings of such overwhelming need I'm sure I can't bear it anymore. You whisper, 'Let go'. Yes, yes... I'm reminded to just relax my muscles and fly with the strange but glorious tingling intense sensation. 'Please, please', I'm moaning, I'm begging. I don't know who this body belongs to anymore. You reply, 'Relax sweetheart'. Slowly, so slowly I start to relax my internal muscles to just feel. To let the sensation take over me. As I do so I feel this internal contraction and this incredible release inside. I almost can't describe it exactly. It's like some inner wall has been lifted and I feel this gush of fluid erupting from my body. I can feel it streaming out and trickling down my legs. It is extraordinary in feeling and nothing I have any control over. You are so so so quiet. Stunned and surprised I am left once again speechless. My body feels like liquid putty and I feel so completely drained like I've run some enormous marathon, I close my eyes for a moment wondering if anything could possibly top that. I'm not sure I can move (and might not be able to move some body parts for the next few days). You slide next to me and I open my eyes. You're looking at me intently again maybe with a little more possession in your eyes. I know what you're thinking. My hands come up to circle around your neck and draw you in for our kiss. I can't enough of what you can do to my body.
Posted:Feb 15, 2019 9:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 1:52 pm

We walk over to the shower, you lean over and twist the nozzle so the spray starts. You over me catching me watching you ... smiling. It's as if I know a secret you don't. Mmmmm ... the secret of how aroused you make me. How you make me tingle from the inside out. How you make me think of non-stop dark, heated, intense sexual pleasure. Only you can do this to me ... and it makes me smile.

You walk over to me ... smiling back... and lean over for a kiss. A sweet, tingling kiss with your lips sliding over mine and me parting my lips so my tongue can dive, plunge and mate voraciously with yours. That consuming kiss that causes my skin to go hot and my insides to melt. I wrap my arms around you exploring your heated skin making you even hornier. I stroke your shoulders, kneading downward to your back and your delicious torso. I can never get enough of my skin touching yours. Then we back up into the shower...I gasp. You laugh. The spray is lukewarm at best and I was expecting something much warmer much hotter. You laugh harder. My expression of surprise clearly delighting you. My body has reacted accordingly and turned into one giant goosebump. You take advantage of me using your thumbs to play with my nipples. The water is sliding over me as you rub, tickle, and pinch my hard and erect nipples with your thumb and forefinger. The stimulating sensation makes me purr in delight. I want to share the torture so I grab for the bar of soap. I lather up and start making my way down your body. My soapy slippery hands surround you, fitting around your hard cock. Then I start alternating tightening and easing the pressure and you close your eyes while stroking you. My playful torture is causing me to want badly so I nibble my way to your ear and whisper the words you've been waiting for, 'Please, please, fuck me.'

You need no prompting. You lean me against the wall where I place my leg on your hip and you push your cock into my tight velvet pussy. My eyes close in sheer delight of the stretching and fullness sensation you bring me. I move both my legs up and around you as you support me against the wall. The water is streaming over us in an erotic movement that adds dimensions to our overloaded sensations. My body feels like hot molten wet silk and you groan as you pull out and then proceed to go deeper. Again and again ... your slow easy moves are starting to become stronger and harder and your thrusts are causing me to gasp as I feel my body clenching and tightening to claim you.

My head falls back against the wall and you instinctively pick up the pace, the thrusts more and more wild and desperate... you're pounding your cock now to my deepest reaches and you feel your climax building fast and hot, consuming you. With one last drive you push into me and I can't hold back any longer as the tidal waves of pulsing pleasure sear me to my toes and my inner walls clench and squeeze your cock, again and again, milking you as your own orgasm slams into you in a hot rush of ecstasy. Damn, damn, damn ... the words have fallen out of my head.

As the tremors subside I slide my legs and feet back to the ground and you slip from the warmth of my body. I have a languid satisfied smile on my face and as you lean down to give me a kiss you say ... 'Mine'.
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Sweetheart - The hotel (part2)
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 7:48 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 3:01 pm

She didn't realize what an effort it would take having that innocent but naughty butt plug in her ass for the next 24 hours. What was he thinking? She swore everyone could tell she was practically hobbling around. Though she did have to admit it really did feel delicious and naughty and she was getting worked up feeling how slick her pussy felt. She must be saturating her panties. The damn thing was keeping her on the edge and all she wanted to do was rub her clitoris just a little bit and give herself a quick orgasm so she could concentrate a bit better. She tried to put it out of her mind and just focus on getting through her day. She was planning on meeting him in the evening. Hopefully, then he would give her a few orgasms and remove the sinful device.

So she made her plans to dress for the occasion. Maybe something red. Something clingy, short and low cut. After all, it was Valentine's Day and she had on the cutest little panties for him to enjoy. Really little bits of material and strings designed to be torn off. She knew he always took delight and pleasure in seeing her lingerie choices. She kept her hair down, dark brunette and halfway down her back. She knew he loved messing up her hair and feeling the soft caress on his skin and she wanted to please him.

She showed up at the hotel, the same room and was a bit nervous. She didn't know why she was nervous but perhaps the anticipation and that damn butt plug was causing her to wonder what he had planned. He said it would be a surprise. There was an envelope on the door and a note. It said to put the blindfold on and when she was ready to knock three times.

She put the blindfold on and then raised her arm to knock three times and waited. The door opened and he took her hand and said, Follow Me. Once inside he closed the door and then slowly just looked his fill of her. Her red slinky dress was definitely devilishly decadent. Her breasts looked like they wanted to fall out into his mouth. Her legs looked a mile long in her killer heels and he wondered if she remembered to keep that jewel butt plug. So he pulled her toward him and then wrapped his arm around her and dived in for their oh so sexy kiss. She tasted like warm caramel and chocolate. Perhaps she changed her scent for the evening. He whispered in her ear 'Is it still in?' She replied in a low voice 'yes'. While he enjoyed the view the dress clearly had to go so he pulled down the zipper in the back and let the dress pool at her feet. Then he looked his fill at the demi bra pushing her amazing breasts out and up and the skimpy little useless panties that he could see were already wet. He unhooked the bra spilling her luscious breasts and decided to remove the panties hoping maybe she would wear them again another evening.

He took her hand and guided her into the room and she could feel they had stopped at the bed. He took her hands and placed both on the bed and said, Lean Over. With her ass in the air, she could feel his finger as they trailed down her backside into her crack and at the butt plug lodged deep inside her. He fondled it and slowly started moving it in and out. He asked her 'How does this feel?' She was purring (or what she thought was purring) and replied with, Mmmmm so good. With his other hand, he reached underneath to stroke her pussy lips and slide into her slit. She was wet but not as wet as he wanted her. He used his fingers to slide into her warm slippery pussy and added another. With his two fingers, he started pumping inside her while also manipulating the butt plug. He could tell she was enjoying it from the groans of wanting more. She started begging, Please, Please but he didn't want her to orgasm yet. He wanted to build her up and get her juices flowing. He removed his fingers and slowly licked each one clean. He loved the taste of her. So very different from him. Sweet and intoxicating. He wanted to just put his mouth on her pussy, lick her and swallow every drop but he knew it would have to wait. His own raging hard-on was starting to take control and thoughts of just fucking her at this moment were all-consuming. She didn't know about his surprise yet.

She knew she was leaning on the bed with her ass in the air and he was teasing her. Her pussy felt achy and swollen as if she could rub her clit against something and she would explode. Then she felt it. Lips against her lips - exploring and savoring. A tongue tracing her lips, nibbling and then a scorching kiss of tongues dancing. She knew right away. This wasn't him - this wasn't the feel of his lips.
This was someone else, someone masculine from the feel. Then the feel of lips trailing down her neck, her shoulder and down her chest to nip at her breasts. He took her arms and put them on his shoulders and he started rolling her nipples with his fingers and pinching her breasts before he masterfully started using his mouth to devour her breasts. Slow sucks, nibbling and some playful biting until she was practically pushing him harder to do more and suck harder. It was clear obviously whoever this was had talent and knew what he was doing. She was so close to climaxing just from his nipple play. This felt decadent and magical. Her imagination was going wild behind the blindfold. He took her hand and placed it on his hard as steel cock. She wrapped her fingers around as much as she could to explore his smooth as silk shaft. She moved her hand gliding it up his shaft and used her thumb over his delicious head and then down his shaft to his nicely trimmed balls. She explored his sac with her fingers when all she really wanted to do was to suck on each one. He was humming in delight and enjoying her touch. She could swear she was getting wetter by the second and seriously wanted to rip the freaking blindfold off to see who it was. Finally, he gently moved her so she was straddling his lap. She swore she was turned on even more by his really great strong thighs. She wanted to run her hands over them and lick every inch. However, it seemed they had other ideas.

She could tell by her body position he was underneath her and could feel his cock nestled and pushing against her pussy. He opened up her folds and slowly started pushing the head inside her inch by inch. He would slowly pull back his cock and then slowly push inside her tight channel stretching her pussy walls while she moaned how amazing he felt. At some point, she was practically begging him to just fuck her already but he was taking his time and making her beg for every inch. Or maybe he just liked to hear her moans and groans. Her nipples were so hard she thought she was going crazy. When he was finally fully lodged inside her - she felt like she was stretched beyond belief. All she wanted to do was to start pumping and grinding on him but he held her hips down and without saying a word he pulled her down for a deep, long, intimate kiss that just about fried her brains.

Then she felt a hand on her back. Some cool liquid running down her tailbone. Another body positioning behind her. The stroke of a very familiar hand. He whispered 'Easy now'. Her ass must be wide open to him in this position and she could feel his slick cock starting to penetrate her ass. It felt easier now that the butt plug had opened her up. She felt the head of his cock enter past the rim and then he slowly pushed his cock inside her backside inch by ever fucking slow inch. He was making noises and exclamations of how incredible it felt. She knew he could easily feel his friends cock through the thin membrane separating them. He could feel the extreme tightness and fullness. She wondered if he had a smile on his face or was it more of pain and pleasure. Once he was seated fully inside he started pulling back out and pushing back in while his friend was synchronizing his thrusts. Each pump of their cocks causing exquisite pleasure in her pussy and her ass. She could feel the pressure build up on every stroke hitting all those hot spots internally. She didn't know how much she could take of this - she was practically seeing stars behind her blindfold. Her head was thrown back as they alternated stroking every internal place in her body. She knew they had to be close because the pace was becoming more frantic and the strokes taking on shorter pumps. His hands on her hips were digging in harder and she knew he would likely be causing some bruising. She didn't care because her mind had shut off long ago to the feelings going on in her body. She could feel her pussy walls contracting to prepare for an epic orgasm. She leaned back into his body and he whispered in her ear 'Just let go'. Then he moved his finger to her engorged clit which was on fire and she thought for a second she was going to be undone. She went off like a firecracker and just exploded into the most amazing all-consuming bliss she'd ever felt. Her entire body was convulsing and contracting around two deeply embedded cocks and she thought she heard herself screaming. Her orgasm was milking their cocks so hard she heard then groaning, yelling 'fuck' then she felt exploding hot cum inside her pussy and her ass. They were pumping what felt like jets of cum inside her over and over milking her orgasm for what felt like hours. She was shuddering so hard her body was shaking out of control for minutes. His arms were wrapped tightly around her as her orgasm decided to come back to earth again. She felt like jelly or maybe playdoh in his hands. He pulled out slowly from her ass as she whimpered feeling the loss of his connection. He moved her to lay on her side and she was still embedded with a cock in her pussy but she could feel him slowly softening. She was breathing so loudly she thought maybe the next room could hear her. His hand wrapped around her waist from behind and he moved in closer to share his heat and perspiration. With the smell of sex in the air and his delicious musky male scent behind her, she was sure she had been transported to heaven. He leaned in close and said 'Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart'.
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Happy Valentines Day (1)
Posted:Feb 8, 2019 1:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2019 7:48 pm

She hears the rattle of the doorknob and looks over. He walks in, closes the door and then he just enjoys the little stage setting for a minute. It's chilly outside, the Austin weather colder because a cool front had just come in. She's dressed in her gift attire. Red push-up bra, slinky red panties with bow ties, red painted toenails and a small red bow tied around her thigh. Just like his own personal Valentine's gift ready to be unwrapped. Her legs are crossed up in the air as she is penning some thoughts. She looks over and smiles. She says ' warming up the bed for you handsome'. He removes his sweatshirt and walks to the bed sitting down next to her. He places his hand on her back and leans over nuzzling her neck. 'Mmmmm... you're nice and warm.' She laughs and discards her pen and pad without a thought. She turns around, winds her hands around his neck and pulls him down for a hungry kiss. She savors the feel of his lips, tongue and the heat melting in his embrace. She whispers 'Happy Naughty Valentine's Day'.

He reaches down to slide the bra strap off her shoulders and dips his head to nuzzle his way down her neck to her cleavage. She tastes like frosting on a cake. Delicious. He wants more so he places his hand on her hip and slowly works his fingers to her red bow panties. He pulls the bow on the sides unwrapping his hidden treasure. He sighs in appreciation. Scraps of nothing really... with the power to get a man to stop thinking clearly. She's completely bare for him and smooth as silk. She's restless and she wants to excite him further. 'You're making me hot ... here let's get you out of those useless clothes.' She enjoys slowly removing his clothes as her hands are teasing him. Torture... so delicate ... so delicious.. he groans then slides his hands over her breasts as it's all fair play. He slides the cups aside and stimulates her hard pebbly nipples. He can never get enough of teasing her full breasts. He swears he could spend hours just sucking on her breasts. She gasps in delight squirming closer for more. She feels herself getting wet. He reaches behind unhooking her bra clasp and discards it. Then leaning in he starts sucking on her breasts with his mouth, tonguing her nipple and slowly sucking in as much as possible while tonguing her nipple. She is whimpering in delight and he can feel her restless movements. He lightly bites down knowing how much stimulation she enjoys. Her nipples are hard and hugely erect and he laps at them with his tongue as she is moaning in ecstasy. Then he reaches down and slides his finger down over her silky folds and inside her pussy feeling her warm wetness and her arousal for him. She's so tight for him and he can easily fit two fingers inside to stimulate her g-spot. He rubs that special place until she can't stay still anymore. He can feel how wet she is already. Slowly he slides his finger up to her pebbly hard clitoris until he hears her sighs for more and she is pushing up against his finger. He smiles.. knowing she is as aroused as he and close to an orgasm.

He leans in and says 'let's try something different'. He reaches over and grabs the bottle of buttercream scented oil. She's smiling and thinking to herself, time for some fun and she knows she will enjoy every second of it. He tips a stream of oil onto his hands and slowly warms the oil so his hands are covered. Then he slowly begins to rub in the oil. Starting on his cock he works the oil onto his erection with long, tight pulls that draw his shaft up and out. He practically shivers in delight while she is watching, licking her lips and waiting patiently. She leans over and uses her hands to cup his balls, his scrotum is full, warm and already pulled up with excitement. She can feel herself getting warmer and wetter just from the anticipation and his reaction. Satisfied she is ready, he removes her vibrator from the table and starts rubbing the oil over its head and body. This is going to be so delicious and so naughty. He leans over, kissing her shoulder and tips a stream over her tailbone and using his fingers he works it in and down slowly, massaging it into her anus. Around and around he rubs the oil into her till his finger is buried knuckle deep inside. She is squirming, the feel so foreign, so tight and so exciting. She knows she needs to be well lubricated, the fit will be very intense. Knowing she is ready he slides his cock over her well-oiled backside letting her feel and enjoy the slick surface. She feels his erection sliding down between her cheeks and she is tingling all over from the sensuous sensations. Then she feels him pushing the head through her tightened rim and ever so slowly pushing so she can savor the full penetration. He's going slow so she can get used to his size, inch by inch. She pants 'Wait' and reaches over to take her vibrator and ever so slowly inserts it past her folds and inside her pussy. Whew.. ..so full, she feels like she is bursting, like her whole body is a sex organ. She knows he is intently watching and enjoying the show. She turns the vibrator on low and lets out a slight Gasp as the turning starts to tickle and arouse her inside. He can feel the movements through her and knows his own excitement is spiking. Tight, warm, slippery, vibrating, steamy, slick penetration. He starts thrusting back in as she arches her back allowing him to slide in so deep he is completely held and his balls are hitting her ass. He takes a minute to catch his breath. So good, so slippery and so extra tight. 'Easy' he murmurs as he is pulling out and sinking back in again. She doesn't want Easy as she is beyond control. She turns up the vibrator and for a second feels like she's going out of her mind in sheer pleasure. He can feel the vibrations hitting his cock through the thin membrane and he's left breathless. It's beyond fucking good. Suddenly he starts moving faster. Each stroke deliciously rougher and his cock like a heated stone. Stroke after stroke he's slapping her ass and she is whimpering now. Hanging by a thread she grabs the bed covers and says ' coming, coming ...' He feels her convulsions and knows he is a goner. She's squeezing him to the point of no return. His breath rushes out as his hips jam forward, his body quaking as he erupts with a long climax squirting streams of over and over in her asshole. 'Damn' he gasps as he collapses on her neck. He stays there a few minutes just breathing in and out before pulling free and falling to the bed on his side. She whimpers in delight and her body is still shaking with after convulsions. He leans over stroking her back and says 'Give me a few minutes to catch my breath'. She says ' Yeah - I'll tell you when I can move again'. She whispers, 'Happy Valentine's Day'
Moon Tan
Posted:Jan 26, 2019 10:24 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 3:00 pm

She looked around and thought it was the perfect place to soothe her bruised soul. The resort was picture perfect with lush green trees set in a tropical location, the sounds of running bubbling water and just about any amenity a human could want in their lifetime. Unfortunately, even resorts couldn't provide all needed amenities especially the ones she needed and wanted but she knew it was enough for now, perfect really for the moment. She felt beaten down, battered and needed this escape to rejuvenate and purge the ugliness from her mind. When did life get so complicated? Why didn't someone warn her? If she knew now what she needed to know then. Sigh. She needed to heal and getting away from civilization for a few days. This was a dream come true, far away from civilization and the realities of life.

She strolled into the lobby for check-in and she felt at home in a minute. Wearing a long breezy skirt, carefree tank top and cute little sandals - she felt like one of the crowd. With one piece of luggage, she quickly unpacked and noted her room number. Feeling like she needed to unwind, she went down to the resorts bar and opted for what everyone drinks in paradise, a margarita. Not her usual drink of choice but when in the tropics - one needs to adapt. Sipping her cold tart drink slowly she was watching all the resort guests in the lobby. People watching was a favorite hobby for her, you could always pick-up on the personality of people if you knew what to watch for. The couples, the singles and certainly those who looked lost at what to do when they had all this extra free time. It was odd but she was getting a distinct feeling that someone was watching her. She could almost feel it. So she looked around and casually got up to look around a corner or two but didn't see anyone. How odd, she thought. She could almost feel eyes watching, the hairs on her neck standing straight up. What a creepy weird feeling. She'd prefer someone to just talk directly to her than being some stalker typer. Well chalk it up to wishful thinking and wouldn't it be nice if someone was admiring her. It would go a long way to healing her damaged self-esteem. However, she was here solo for the entire trip - kinda sucks but then again life just throws at you whatever it does. She quickly finished off her drink and decided to take a stroll.

The sun was just setting outside with that gorgeous sunset view. She felt her heart skip a few beats at the breathtaking beauty of something so simple. Why couldn't life be as simple? A thought best left for another time. It would be dark in an hour. The sun sets late in this area and once it was down night would quickly take over with the darkness all-consuming. She was hoping the moon would be out and cast a shadow over the beauty of the resort. Something about evening time and warm weather in a beautiful environment just got her blood heated. The waves crashing on the beach and the moon high above was almost magical. The weather was still so balmy. It would be a perfect night for a dip in the pool and maybe some relaxing time at the jacuzzi. Her muscles were so tense she was sure someone was going to walk up to her and tell her she needed a massage. She needed to just sit in that warm bubbling hot tub and relax and just that idea alone was enough to make her panties wet.

She grabbed another margarita on her way up to get changed in her swimsuit. No worries about overindulging since there was nowhere to go. She quickly changed into the sinfully sexy two-piece suit that barely covered everything not caring that it was a far cry from her other conservative suits. Who would see her?
Did she care? I mean, really, did it matter? She was taking a break from the world so she decided to live it up. She grabbed her coverup and drink and headed down to the pool.

It was dark out and a few people were still lingering at the lounge chairs clearly enjoying the tropical balmy weather. She found a quiet secluded corner near the cabanas and settled in to finish her drink. That feeling came over her again of being watched. It was so strange and bizarre. Like someone had you in their line of vision and was caressing you from head to toe. She looked around but didn't see anyone. This was starting to freak her out. Her imagination was going into 5th gear. Maybe she needed another drink - clearly, she didn't think she was the type to be hallucinating after two drinks.

The alcohol was starting to warm her. It felt so good to be so carefree. She dropped the coverup on the lounge chair and walked towards the pool. The water was just shy of cool, enough to cool her body from the heat but not enough to get her cold. It felt so so so so good. She lowered herself and submerged enjoying the water lapping over her body. She decided to try a few laps and loosen a few muscles. This bikini was not made for swimming in - and she knew it but who would see. It was dark and the few remaining people lounging about were on the other side of the pool. She decided this was pure heaven and the thought of sitting back into the jacuzzi to mellow out might be the best medicine for her.

She emerged from the pool the water trickling down her body and over curves that could never be hidden by a two piece of nothing. The moonlight bathed her body with a slick shine like some water goddess ready to do your bidding. Then she felt it. Those eyes caressing every inch of her. She had goosebumps over every inch of her body. Her nipples were so hard and erect it was like they had a mind of their own. She looked around and caught the shadow of a man near the cabanas. The moonlight causing his eyes to shine a cat-like green. She sucked in her breath - no it couldn't be - not here. She stared harder and he slowly walked out of the shadows. Her breath hitched. Her heart was racing, she needed another drink to deal with this. He raised one side of his mouth in a mock salute and walked to her following her every movement and devouring her with his eyes. Maybe it really was a small small world. It was the devilishly handsome man she met at the airport while waiting for her connecting flight. They had chatted a bit and then had a drink at the bar. She had no idea he would be here at all.

* to be continued *
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The hotel
Posted:Jan 21, 2019 7:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2019 7:55 pm

With a coffee by her keyboard, she frantically typed as her mind raced through the fantasy that haunted her evening hours and dreams. How could she capture all the details, scents and feelings? Why oh why did it always start the same?

HE would walk into the hotel and she could feel that magnetic attraction where her eyes locked to his and her heart rate increased and she couldn't help but take his whole presence in. He'd have that smirk on that was just was shy of being damn cocky. But she knew her power. She was dressed to kill in something that
might have been more acceptable in a lingerie catalog. The evening gown was slinky, clingy and left little to the imagination. Pieces of fabric, really. The slit on the gown went up her thigh and revealed her ultra sheer lacy thigh highs and the hint of a garter belt. The heels spoke volumes and each step seemed to be shouting some profanity usually saved for behind closed doors. She smelled delicious and knew the effect she had. She wanted him to take notice. She had a drink in her hand and knew he was watching. She savored each little sip of her martini knowing full well if she finished it she might start a striptease on the nearest table. She was a lightweight when it came to drinking and the effect tended to be one of complete abandon. He nodded to her. She smiled. It was the signal.

She wondered what he had planned. Her nipples constricted as her body became aroused thinking about the events about to be unfolding. She knew he could see her arousal but none of that concerned her. Her scent had gotten stronger as the arousal took over and those ben wa balls she had inserted earlier in the evening were creating the most delicious sensation to keep her on the edge. She knew he was going to be unhappy to see that little device in place since he wanted that job for himself. She slowly walked towards the hallway.

Her mind was preoccupied as she entered the hallway she wasn't sure if anyone had noticed. She looked around and saw no one and relaxed a bit. She opened her small little purse. Sure enough - inside was a folded piece of paper. It wasn't something that was in her purse earlier but she knew he probably had it placed in her bag when she hadn't been looking. She opened the note. It said very little - just three numbers. Hmmm.. third floor. She walked to the elevator and knew her heart rate had just jumped a bit. The damn heels were going to be the death of her. She could picture it now - headlines -Woman dies from tripping on heels - News at 11- . Good thing she had on her best panties and not to forget the ben wah balls. That would give everyone something to talk about for years.

She took the elevator to the 3rd floor, got off and walked to the room. The first thing she noticed was the door was slightly ajar. A note was taped to the doorknob and something was hanging from the knob as well. She opened the note and she was instructed to put on the silk blindfold before entering. She stared at the blindfold. A thousand things racing through her mind and certainly high on the list was how much trust she put in her partner at this time.
Knowing she thoroughly trusted him she took the blindfold and secured it in the back of her head. Then she slowly opened the door, stepped a few steps in and closed the door behind her.

She stood very still. Without her eyesight - her other senses were adjusting. She was listening very carefully. She could hear her heartbeat going a mile a minute. Her breathing had quickened. What could he have possibly planned?

She could hear him approach her. Slow steps. She imagined him looking her over from head to foot. She heard him walk around her and felt his hand low on her back and circling around her. Then his hand moved upwards caressing her arms and shoulders causing her to shudder. His body moved in close and he whispered in her ear - Don't move. He moved in behind her, close but not quite touching and he kissed her from her shoulder up her neckline and giving a playful bite at her ear. She shivered from the erotic sensation. He said - This is just the beginning. She had no idea what he was talking about but she couldn't wait. She felt his hands unzip the back of the dress and felt it as it slid down her body to pool on the ground. He helped her step out of it.

He stepped in close to her from behind. His hands circling her waist, leaned in close and said - Very very nice. She knew he appreciated the stiletto's, thigh highs with the matching garter belt, panties and very sexy push-up bra. Her breasts were spilling out of the darn thing - one push and they would fall out. Maybe they should consider renaming them to fall out bra's. She could feel how happy he was with his rock hard cock firmly pushed against her ass. She wanted to reach out and touch but he had said not to move. It didn't help that every movement of her body however small made the ben wa balls move and rattle causing her to squirm from arousal. She knew she was pretty wet down below. This felt like pure torture. He slowly removed her panties and hummed his appreciation.

He guided her gently to the bed and whispered - Lay down on all fours. She quickly got down on my forearms and knees and felt his hands on her ass. He was petting her like she needed extra stroking to remain nice and calm. She was a bit nervous but their play never really caused her to be alarmed it was more like anxious. He asked her if she was ready for her surprise. She nodded and said in a low voice - yes, I love your surprises. He said it was in preparation for more surprises but she didn't quite know what he was talking about. He said not to worry - it would all be made clear in due time but for now this was for enjoyment.

He reached underneath her and spread her pussy lips. Are you wet for me? he whispered. She knew she was. She was always wet for him. He just did it for her - pushing all of her pleasure buttons. His voice, his hands and his awareness of her always turned her on. Ahhhh... so what do we have here? he murmured. His two fingers were in her pussy searching for the string and then started pulling the string attached to the ben wa balls. Ever so gently the balls were massaging her inner walls causing her juices to flow and the balls were taken out. Mmmm... looks like she was primed and juicy.

He started positioning the toy. It was quite flexible and could be bent and curved for all sorts of positions and maximum pleasure. He wondered which position she might enjoy the most and guessing opted for something with a little hook on one prong and a somewhat curve on the other prong. He took out the tube of lube and spread the lube generously on both prongs. Then he laid his hand back on her ass and said - This will feel cool. He applied the lube down her ass crack and slowly started working his fingers down till he reached the rim of her forbidden hole and started working the lube in ever so gently, spreading her and slowly working his finger inside. He felt her quivering and tightening up and said - Just Relax babe and let me do all the work. He felt her muscles relax so he could spread the lube more easily inside. He grabbed the sinful device and ever so slowly positioned the device to be spread between her slick pussy and her tight asshole. Slowly he started inserting the prong into her already wet pussy inch by exquisite inch. At this point, she was moaning out loud. He loved the sounds she made for him. He spread her legs a little bit wider for better access and continued inserting until it was about three inches in then he had the other prong at her asshole and slowly pushed the more pointed tip to her rim. Once it was past the rim he knew it would move a lot easier so he gently angled the tip pushing a bit firmer. He needed to get the first nob or bead on the prong inside so he kept up the firmer pressure easing the prong with all the bumps inside her back hole.

She was whimpering and she couldn't help it. The first prong was filling her deliciously and the second prong was a sensation she wasn't quite familiar with. Intense, different but arousing at the same time. An additional inward pressure that was new. Somewhat exciting and seemed almost taboo. She could feel all the bumps and ridges if she contracted her muscles. She felt incredibly full. She felt when both prongs were pushed fully inside her. What a feeling, whew, she needed a moment to relax. She felt full to bursting. Oh what an amazing feeling.

He wiggled the wishbone vibrator a bit to see exactly how she was doing. She moaned - yes, yes, Please, more. Oh yes, this was going to be ever so good. He turned the knob to start the slow vibrations then increasing them. He could feel her tensing as her moans increased.

She was in a sensual haze. The vibrations were exquisite. He was moving the prongs in and out and with the vibrations, she could feel herself getting so wet. The backdoor prong was rubbing the insides of sensitive tissue and the vibrations were wreaking havoc on her nerve endings. She was becoming a mindless puddle of goo. In and out and the pressure was building - how could she handle any more? She was in a cloud and her body was strung to the limit. He whispered - Let go - and his finger reached around to massage her clit and she swore she saw stars. She went off like a firecracker and the orgasm tore through her with such intensity she thought she might pass out from the pleasure. The waves of contractions seemed endless as he continued the pulsing movements. She was shivering and shuddering in endless orgasmic delight. It seemed like it went on forever and ever. Possibly the longest orgasm she ever had. Ever so slowly the pulses started winding down and her muscle spasms came under her control again. She was breathing so hard she thought she had just run a marathon. Her arms and legs felt like jelly so she leaned her head down on the bed with a smile on her face. Whatever that toy was - maybe it was going to be a new favorite. She gave it a ten out of ten on her scale of pure pleasure. Maybe she could secretly take it home with her without him noticing.

He slowly removed the prongs and put the wishbone vibrator on the side. He'd clean it later. Then he wrapped his arms around her and said - That seemed like it was amazing. She merely whispered mmmhhmmm. He laughed. Oh - that's just the beginning beautiful - just wait, he added. He slapped her on her ass and got up. He retrieved the bag he had come in with and took out another toy. He came back to the bed and said come over here and lay across my lap. So she draped her body over his lap with her ass facing upwards. She still couldn't see with the blindfold on and wondered what he had planned. He took out the lube and put a generous amount on the butt plug in his hand. Then he rubbed some lube on her asshole. He said - Ok, you'll be wearing this for the next 24 hours till we meet again - Understand? It'll feel uncomfortable at first but you'll adapt. She nodded her ok. He slowly inserted the butt plug a bit easier now because she had just had the prong inserted.

She felt really full and somewhat awkward. This was going to be weird. She wondered how she would survive the next 24 hours. She wondered what he had planned for her.
Part II: The old flame
Posted:Jan 17, 2019 7:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2019 6:7 am

She went to the back of her car and grabbed the blanket that was always stored there and then they headed off to a quiet secluded place amongst the trees. She was so wet she could feel herself dripping. She knew she just needed one or two touches and she would be a goner. The excitement, the hunger - it was all coming back to her. He unbuttoned her shirt and unclasped her bra to feast his eyes on her swollen breasts. She moaned in anticipation. He lowered his mouth and suckled her nipple and she thought her legs would buckle beneath her. His hot mouth, his teeth and the pressure was causing her to squirm in her panties. Her clit felt like it had grown twice in size and was rubbing against her shorts in sheer torture. He pinched her other nipple and she knew she was on the verge of an orgasm just standing up. He did this to her. He slid her down to the blanket and peeled her shorts and panties off. He could see how wet she was from her drenched panties. He leaned down and ever so slowly began lapping at her folds and clit. Then he used his tongue to circle her clit and apply ever so gentle pressure and she knew if he continued she would spontaneously explode. He discarded his pants and underwear and before she knew it she could see him leaning over her in his magnificent nakedness. She wanted him inside her now. She wanted to feel his fullness and claim him again for herself. She wanted his sheer power inside of her wringing her inside out. He didn't hesitate - he was too far gone. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed his head inside her tight opening. Thank goodness she was wet or this was going to be tricky. He pushed further in and she was trying to push herself on him more. She wanted him Now. With one last push he was all the way inside to the hilt and she looked at him and thought - I can't believe how much I've missed this and him.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and said - Come here I need a kiss. He leaned in and kissed her like he had never seen her before and he couldn't get enough. She squeezed her inner muscles and he groaned. You're playing dirty - he said. Always - she replied. She reached below and started squeezing his testicles. He could feel the pleasure extend up his shaft and he was so damn hard all he wanted to do was pound into her. Oh yeah - you're playing very dirty - he said. He started thrusting inside of her and lifting. She started whimpering. The build-up of pleasure and the stroking of her magical g-spot had her feeling she could orgasm soon. He thrust harder and with each push - she was closer to the edge. He growled at her and she reached down and touched her clit for him. He watched and pushed himself in and out and she leaned back and her inner muscles started convulsing around his cock milking him for all he was worth. It was going on and on - so explosive she thought she just might die of the pleasure. He was groaning feeling her smooth, wet walls on his cock driving him crazy. Then she reached out and started squeezing his balls and reached his anus with her finger and he was a goner - she felt him spurt inside of her - his rich hot semen coating her insides and dripping causing a sensation that could never be put into words. He was breathing heavy and just collapsed on top of her. Oh yeah - she thought - warm, hot and mine.
Part I: The old flame
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 6:34 pm

She did not see him but she sensed something. She was in the grocery looking for some missing ingredient when he touched the back of her waist. At first she was startled but she instinctively knew. Maybe it a sixth sense but she had been thinking of him lately, of times shared and long gone. That secret buried so deep she wondered if all she did was make it up. Perhaps a figment of her imagination. She took a deep breath, she could feel his heat. That touch, that caress, that always made her shudder in pleasure.

She turned around and smiled. Here she was dressed like someone who hadn't a care in the world with a high ponytail and there he was in his business attire. How he recognized her was beyond her understanding. Maybe it was the scent - after all she had a thing for smelling like something found at a bakery. He was so close to her. Almost an invasion of her personal space but not quite. He smiled back. Words weren't quite necessary - because it was the look that said it all. It was a look that says I know you and I know you well. It was a look that said I know every inch of you. It was a look that passes between two lovers that have shared something few experienced but everyone wishes for.

The time passed by with small talk about lives and sorrows. It was never about regrets. It was just a conversation between two normal people and no one in the store would ever guess they were anything but friends. Inside, she hungered for him. She wanted it back and she wanted so much more. He looked at her as if he were starved but it seemed like time had placed an invisible barrier in his way. How to reach it and breakthrough? Could he survive the storm again because their relationship had been almost volcanic? So they ended the conversation and he was quick to say how he missed her and she was quick to say how she missed him.

She walked away feeling almost empty and wrung out. She was wondering why that could be - it had been such a long long time ago. So she left the grocery store and decided on a whim to visit the one spot they used to meet at. She pulled up into the parking lot and just sat there staring at the picnic tables where they would talk for hours. She remembered those times they shared and was so lost in thought she failed to notice a car that pulled up alongside hers. She looked over and realized he had shown up as well. She was at a loss for words. How did he know? Almost like an invisible connection existed between them, like they shared a common thought process.

She stepped out of her car and he stepped out of his and they both laughed. It was a shared laugh and one that seemed to break that barrier between them and create a sense of one. She walked over to him and leaned in and told him how much she had missed him. She leaned in and placed her lips over his - ever so gently. A whisper of a kiss just a brush of skin and both playful and shy at the same time. He leaned in and pressed closer invading all her personal space. That heat that was always present between them flared to life and that gentle kiss became more demanding. He pressed his lips firmer to hers and placed his hands on her hips moving her body to press against his hard planes. He parted his lips and let his tongue savor her exquisite flavor till his tongue was mating with hers and the world faded from existence. Her pulse was speeding and she could feel his urgent to consume her. Oh yes, this is what she remembered - how could she have forgotten. Her breasts felt tight with and she wanted to rub herself against him skin to skin. She had to think - they were in a parking lot for crying out loud. But she was sinking so fast - she just wanted to melt against him and her tongue wanted to explore every sinful inch of skin on his body. He devoured her lips again and again and ran his ravenous kisses down her neck. She came up for a breath of air and said - we to move away from here. He looked at her and she looked at him - they knew each other too well.
The wish
Posted:Jan 15, 2019 1:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2019 4:44 pm

I was nervous. Damn, I was always nervous meeting for the first time. My hands were clammy. My antiperspirant was going into overdrive and I was sure there was some food stuck in my teeth. Probably had bad-breath too. Couldn't they make this all simpler? Maybe some secret necklace or handshake? Nope. This online stuff eventually meant meeting. What I dislike the most about it is you can't help it but you have some expectations. Sure you expect the awkwardness and the odd moments of silence but really it's about the connection. The first five minutes usually tells it all. Funny but in the first five minutes you tend to know whether the other could be who you've been searching for and craving. The one with that smile that melts your panties. Unless they were lying. Then it's usually further conversation and emails that give it away. You can't really hide the truth about a person.

So I was sitting down and waiting. Sipping an iced coffee and opting for the caffeine. I needed all the energy I could get. The hell with the doctor for suggesting decaf - a has to do what a has to do.

He walked into the shop as I watched. I could see him scanning the crowd looking for that special one who matched the profile. His eyes passed over not quite recognizing me and I smiled. Afterall - does everyone really look exactly like some picture taken at some moment in time? The smile seemed to get his attention as he refocused on me. I felt that zing go through me to my toes. Gosh darn - I was going to squirm in my seat. That zing, that awareness when you look at another and find that something - that perhaps chemistry. Maybe he felt it too. Why is it a smile can change someone so dramatically? Maybe it is that knowing smile. That one that suggests forbidden wishes.

He walked over and smiled. He introduced himself. He could tell my brain had already taken over. I was analyzing him. Trying to see exactly if he was who and what he said he was. I could tell he was doing the same. I like to call it 'the scan'. The look from head to toes of the other. Noticing the way they talked, smiled and moved. That body language that tells the other everything or maybe nothing. Does clothing really define the person or is more body language? If I show off enough cleavage - is it making a blatant statement or merely showing off assets? enough to be comfortable in my skin - if I wore a big baggy sweater would he wait to see if I could hold a conversation or would he judge me on looks? Are looks sexier than words? A million questions went through my head. None of it really matters - the first five minutes can be the judgment or the pursuit or the kiss of death.

He was leaning in close, to make the conversation more intimate. Mmmm he smelled so good. I really did want to lick him up like an ice cream cone even in public. Not that I worried about the table next door overhearing - that didn't bother me. I always figured I could give them something to talk about or spice up their uneventful lives. Maybe he was just enjoying my cupcake scent. You had to get real close to smell it. all about subtle. Subtle and seductive. Is there anything sexier?

The conversation was easy. That's usually a good sign. Enjoying another's company and conversation are critical to a meet. Plus let's not forget the chemistry. I was attracted to him. I loved his voice. I loved his intellect. I felt it. For me, it is more than physical - though of course, that helps. I just love someone who can engage me in a conversation. As we were talking I was admiring his lips and wondering exactly what it would feel like to trace them with my fingers ... so slowly. Then move in closer for a light sweet kiss - the kind that feels soft and feathery. I wondered if he knew where my thoughts were moving. Would he be thinking more romantic thoughts or would his thoughts be more lust filled with sweaty bodies and devouring mouths? It's always so hard to tell. I was wondering if he was a good kisser. Does he linger? Does he provoke? Does he tantalize? So so so many questions. He smiled. Perhaps he could read my mind. With that knowing smile on his face, he asked if I wished to meet again. How does one answer that question right away? How do you know if it feels right? How do you trust your gut when you have all those butterflies in your stomach getting in the way? Not such a simple answer.... but it felt right. Sometimes you just have to take that chance and see....

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