Sweetheart - The hotel (part2)  

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2/12/2019 7:48 am
Sweetheart - The hotel (part2)

She didn't realize what an effort it would take having that innocent but naughty butt plug in her ass for the next 24 hours. What was he thinking? She swore everyone could tell she was practically hobbling around. Though she did have to admit it really did feel delicious and naughty and she was getting worked up feeling how slick her pussy felt. She must be saturating her panties. The damn thing was keeping her on the edge and all she wanted to do was rub her clitoris just a little bit and give herself a quick orgasm so she could concentrate a bit better. She tried to put it out of her mind and just focus on getting through her day. She was planning on meeting him in the evening. Hopefully, then he would give her a few orgasms and remove the sinful device.

So she made her plans to dress for the occasion. Maybe something red. Something clingy, short and low cut. After all, it was Valentine's Day and she had on the cutest little panties for him to enjoy. Really little bits of material and strings designed to be torn off. She knew he always took delight and pleasure in seeing her lingerie choices. She kept her hair down, dark brunette and halfway down her back. She knew he loved messing up her hair and feeling the soft caress on his skin and she wanted to please him.

She showed up at the hotel, the same room and was a bit nervous. She didn't know why she was nervous but perhaps the anticipation and that damn butt plug was causing her to wonder what he had planned. He said it would be a surprise. There was an envelope on the door and a note. It said to put the blindfold on and when she was ready to knock three times.

She put the blindfold on and then raised her arm to knock three times and waited. The door opened and he took her hand and said, Follow Me. Once inside he closed the door and then slowly just looked his fill of her. Her red slinky dress was definitely devilishly decadent. Her breasts looked like they wanted to fall out into his mouth. Her legs looked a mile long in her killer heels and he wondered if she remembered to keep that jewel butt plug. So he pulled her toward him and then wrapped his arm around her and dived in for their oh so sexy kiss. She tasted like warm caramel and chocolate. Perhaps she changed her scent for the evening. He whispered in her ear 'Is it still in?' She replied in a low voice 'yes'. While he enjoyed the view the dress clearly had to go so he pulled down the zipper in the back and let the dress pool at her feet. Then he looked his fill at the demi bra pushing her amazing breasts out and up and the skimpy little useless panties that he could see were already wet. He unhooked the bra spilling her luscious breasts and decided to remove the panties hoping maybe she would wear them again another evening.

He took her hand and guided her into the room and she could feel they had stopped at the bed. He took her hands and placed both on the bed and said, Lean Over. With her ass in the air, she could feel his finger as they trailed down her backside into her crack and at the butt plug lodged deep inside her. He fondled it and slowly started moving it in and out. He asked her 'How does this feel?' She was purring (or what she thought was purring) and replied with, Mmmmm so good. With his other hand, he reached underneath to stroke her pussy lips and slide into her slit. She was wet but not as wet as he wanted her. He used his fingers to slide into her warm slippery pussy and added another. With his two fingers, he started pumping inside her while also manipulating the butt plug. He could tell she was enjoying it from the groans of wanting more. She started begging, Please, Please but he didn't want her to orgasm yet. He wanted to build her up and get her juices flowing. He removed his fingers and slowly licked each one clean. He loved the taste of her. So very different from him. Sweet and intoxicating. He wanted to just put his mouth on her pussy, lick her and swallow every drop but he knew it would have to wait. His own raging hard-on was starting to take control and thoughts of just fucking her at this moment were all-consuming. She didn't know about his surprise yet.

She knew she was leaning on the bed with her ass in the air and he was teasing her. Her pussy felt achy and swollen as if she could rub her clit against something and she would explode. Then she felt it. Lips against her lips - exploring and savoring. A tongue tracing her lips, nibbling and then a scorching kiss of tongues dancing. She knew right away. This wasn't him - this wasn't the feel of his lips.
This was someone else, someone masculine from the feel. Then the feel of lips trailing down her neck, her shoulder and down her chest to nip at her breasts. He took her arms and put them on his shoulders and he started rolling her nipples with his fingers and pinching her breasts before he masterfully started using his mouth to devour her breasts. Slow sucks, nibbling and some playful biting until she was practically pushing him harder to do more and suck harder. It was clear obviously whoever this was had talent and knew what he was doing. She was so close to climaxing just from his nipple play. This felt decadent and magical. Her imagination was going wild behind the blindfold. He took her hand and placed it on his hard as steel cock. She wrapped her fingers around as much as she could to explore his smooth as silk shaft. She moved her hand gliding it up his shaft and used her thumb over his delicious head and then down his shaft to his nicely trimmed balls. She explored his sac with her fingers when all she really wanted to do was to suck on each one. He was humming in delight and enjoying her touch. She could swear she was getting wetter by the second and seriously wanted to rip the freaking blindfold off to see who it was. Finally, he gently moved her so she was straddling his lap. She swore she was turned on even more by his really great strong thighs. She wanted to run her hands over them and lick every inch. However, it seemed they had other ideas.

She could tell by her body position he was underneath her and could feel his cock nestled and pushing against her pussy. He opened up her folds and slowly started pushing the head inside her inch by inch. He would slowly pull back his cock and then slowly push inside her tight channel stretching her pussy walls while she moaned how amazing he felt. At some point, she was practically begging him to just fuck her already but he was taking his time and making her beg for every inch. Or maybe he just liked to hear her moans and groans. Her nipples were so hard she thought she was going crazy. When he was finally fully lodged inside her - she felt like she was stretched beyond belief. All she wanted to do was to start pumping and grinding on him but he held her hips down and without saying a word he pulled her down for a deep, long, intimate kiss that just about fried her brains.

Then she felt a hand on her back. Some cool liquid running down her tailbone. Another body positioning behind her. The stroke of a very familiar hand. He whispered 'Easy now'. Her ass must be wide open to him in this position and she could feel his slick cock starting to penetrate her ass. It felt easier now that the butt plug had opened her up. She felt the head of his cock enter past the rim and then he slowly pushed his cock inside her backside inch by ever fucking slow inch. He was making noises and exclamations of how incredible it felt. She knew he could easily feel his friends cock through the thin membrane separating them. He could feel the extreme tightness and fullness. She wondered if he had a smile on his face or was it more of pain and pleasure. Once he was seated fully inside he started pulling back out and pushing back in while his friend was synchronizing his thrusts. Each pump of their cocks causing exquisite pleasure in her pussy and her ass. She could feel the pressure build up on every stroke hitting all those hot spots internally. She didn't know how much she could take of this - she was practically seeing stars behind her blindfold. Her head was thrown back as they alternated stroking every internal place in her body. She knew they had to be close because the pace was becoming more frantic and the strokes taking on shorter pumps. His hands on her hips were digging in harder and she knew he would likely be causing some bruising. She didn't care because her mind had shut off long ago to the feelings going on in her body. She could feel her pussy walls contracting to prepare for an epic orgasm. She leaned back into his body and he whispered in her ear 'Just let go'. Then he moved his finger to her engorged clit which was on fire and she thought for a second she was going to be undone. She went off like a firecracker and just exploded into the most amazing all-consuming bliss she'd ever felt. Her entire body was convulsing and contracting around two deeply embedded cocks and she thought she heard herself screaming. Her orgasm was milking their cocks so hard she heard then groaning, yelling 'fuck' then she felt exploding hot cum inside her pussy and her ass. They were pumping what felt like jets of cum inside her over and over milking her orgasm for what felt like hours. She was shuddering so hard her body was shaking out of control for minutes. His arms were wrapped tightly around her as her orgasm decided to come back to earth again. She felt like jelly or maybe playdoh in his hands. He pulled out slowly from her ass as she whimpered feeling the loss of his connection. He moved her to lay on her side and she was still embedded with a cock in her pussy but she could feel him slowly softening. She was breathing so loudly she thought maybe the next room could hear her. His hand wrapped around her waist from behind and he moved in closer to share his heat and perspiration. With the smell of sex in the air and his delicious musky male scent behind her, she was sure she had been transported to heaven. He leaned in close and said 'Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart'.

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Pure bliss darlin!

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