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Posted:Sep 8, 2017 9:37 pm
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Makin a list...
Posted:Nov 15, 2015 9:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2018 6:56 pm

And checkin it twice
Goin to try to keep everything nice
List of blogs, thoughts, pondering, wishing, and daily fun...

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I had a lapse in willpower today
Posted:May 23, 2018 7:39 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 8:44 pm
Yes it happens on occasion

Even though I frequent this site and the kink site I rarely look at the sexy photos or vids, I don't read the erotica....everything to keep my mind from being in a constant state of arousal. (Believe me, gossip sites just make me sad, and I don't do any other social media bec I do enjoy the quick peeks at nekid bodies and I just luv sex).

I was reading through the various groups on the kink site trying to find some discussion that is interesting to partake in....... and I stopped in the cuckold psychology group. Just the typical "bulls" seeking easy pussy, but there was one discussion about "your basic motivation to be in the lifestyle" and that started the wheels turning.
A woman responded on there with a nicely written set of words that described her relationship with her hubs and thier lifestyle - and yep as rare as this partnership is, I do come across something like this that gives me hope but for now it fills my spank bank.
Her talk about feeling alive and primal with being allowed to have sex with other men, to have his full support.... then ya I ended up looking at vids on here because I ended up with ladywood and a mind swirling with hotness.

I know I know my choices for hot scenes rarely if ever include fmf, probably because I rarely find enough men to play with that I have yet to have my fill of cock. And yes my desires can delve into sharing and being told to have sex with his 'friend' or to find a hot young guy.
But I do quite enjoy mfm scenes.
Finding a man into lots of sex is already a challenge, finding one into mfm is dragon status.

Ok any way and anyhooo,
I got sidetracked watching vids, but I was more streaming for the sound on a few that I found today. Then again I am pretty visually driven also so I was watching the in n out action of hard cocks and the mfm short clips.
And ya I ended up horny.

Sexy bloggers,
How was your hump day, did you have any daydreams?
Here take this pill...
Posted:May 22, 2018 1:03 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 9:13 am
Most every time I log out of this site I'm met with ads to grow your size to 10" guaranteed! Or the last all night long ads. Or the get this big in 10 days from this 'small cock to this 'monster cock that bitchs luv.
I don't know when men will realize that it's most likely the man that owns the cock that she's interested in rather than just the disembodied cock.

Anyhooo, pills to fix your moods, lose weight, gain mass, and grow size.... but where are the pills to make you beautiful.??

I mean there's a fix for most everything else so why not alter my skin appearance and make it smooth n supple, why can't I take a pill that will turn me into a 10.
Probably why I enjoyed the idea behind the show Altered Carbon! The very thought of being able to buy the face and body that you want is tantalizing and dream worthy!
Just think of how many men would be walking around with over sized cocks...

But to be able to pop a pill for ten days to turn me into a 10 - now that would make billions in today's shallow world!!!

Just making a point fellas, I kind of feel sad when I see those ads about making your penis bigger because for every size queen out there you can bet that the next 100 or 1000 women are not that concerned over your size.
But I do suppose beauty is far more important than being an awesome person. No matter how giving and game she is it still comes down to being pretty. Lol

Dam it...I wonder if my private health care will cover those pills.

So and then,
Sexy bloggers,
What sci-fi movie or show piqued your interest with a new life possibilities?

Ps I'm also a fan of star trek just because of all the different planets and possibilities out there!
But Altered Carbon, Dr Who, and other sci-fi fun always leaves me dreaming.
Peeking. ..
Posted:May 21, 2018 8:36 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 6:10 pm
Not a peking duck though.

Ever have of those moments where you know some is watching but you just can't see who....

My job I have to just go with "always assume some is watching". So ya I have to watch what I do when I'm out and about.
But I was chuckling when the dr would do it's fly overs, it's set to a 5 cm focus, so I was telling my coworker that I should have a nekid man on my cell when it Flys over me. Lol.
I do have to watch for when I need a quick pee break though (dam men are lucky to stand and just undo your zipper). Lol

But some days the deer or coyote follow me around while I'm out working, I have had a wolf follow me and a bear leaving his paw prints on my tracks when we headed back on our trail.
No wild men though The old timers would tell me stories about the wild men that roamed in the area way back in the day, and how they would follow you in the bush and how they would try and break into the barns during the winter.

I managed to stay super busy this weekend that sex only crossed my mind a few times during the day.
Then I would take lunch and cruise the dating site, that would dry the vag right up. Lol.

I hope you had a great Monday sexy bloggers.
I made fresh bannock for some of the work crews at my job site today, sharing smiles on a hot day. Back to the grind tomorrow.
Sinday ponders on responses
Posted:May 20, 2018 10:08 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 7:27 am
Pancakes, eggs and coffee this morning

Thinking over what to write about today, seeings how it's been a long time since any good interactions or meet ups my thoughts are boring on those topics.

But I have had a few responses to blogs or my profiles that make me cringe and then think if I still want to keep putting myself out there. Then I seen a few blogs and articles about the kind of responses women receive....

And guys, you really need to be a little more understanding when you stand there and complain that women don't respond to your messages or advances, and no I'm not going to go over them.

I received this response to a blog I had about Internet safety and dating:

I don't think it's right to share all my personal information before meeting and even the first few times of meeting. I shouldn't need to share all sorts of photos or tell you where I work. Then this dude in his early 30's says it out right that he can easily find out info about me (stalker mentality there)...... then he must wonder why he's having trouble dating.

The first comment is from a happy misogynist on a dating site and he's also on fetlife, but that's a pretty typical butt hurt response (but he did miss the "well your fat / ugly / body descriptor meant to hurt".)

I have certainly received my share of hurtful messages and some make me take a long break from meeting, but they also make me less likely to show interest in new guys without having my guard up.
Don't bother with the "Not me miss flower! I'm a good guy!! , I know it's not all men but it really only takes one bad date to change my world and leave my kids motherless.
But when will all this aggression and hate end...... I see it all the time on dating blogs and even in men's profiles how they want women to just meet up what's there to be worried about.
I really wish I could just meet up and have fun without having to worry about judgment, aggression, being treated poorly, given no effort because I'm willing to have sex outside of a romantic relationship............ ....... ......

At any rate I'm in the boonies and work in the badlands, and there isn't a man in sight. Lol. I get to travel to men again which in my age class it won't happen much anymore. So I am getting my gardens in to keep me busy and hopefully enough distraction so my libido doesn't go out of control again.

So fellas if a woman doesn't respond just block her and not make a fuss over it because it only gives her more experience to not engage with new men in the future. Same goes for the women, just start using the block button....
Unfortunately it won't cut back on the volatile nature of online interactions..

But then I have no idea what it's like to have an inbox full of men. Lol!!
Around these parts women out number the men, so let's just say that the women battle amongst themselves for what men are available.
Reminiscent. ..
Posted:May 17, 2018 12:43 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2018 9:22 am
Disclaimer: (just to be clear I no longer meet from this site. I am able to somewhat talk about my sexuality on this site but it disgusts some of you even how much sex I desire. I am currently looking for a sex positive male to explore with but he's not on this site.) Clear? ok...

Back to my reminiscing about some particularly Hot encounters
The excessive state of my libido landed me in a sex therapists office because I desire sex within a relationship.
So anyway in her determining how much of a deviant I am, she asked how many men I would have sex with in a day if I could. (No ever wants to hear the truth). I lied and said one .
She then asked if there where 8 men in a room and they all wanted sex with you (safe, sane and consensual) would I have sex with them?.
Geesh, of course I would and it would be fkn hot.
Apparently 8 is the determining number. Lol

Where was I with this
Oh ya Hot encounters,
I did a 3 hr 5 man gb and I orgasmed plus squirted the whole time. After it was ddone, I showered, hydrated, then wanted more sex but more mfm or mf, but settled on masturbating and sleep. Lol. The host was gracious enough to try and arrange a 'sleep over' after the next insatiable event but no man stepped up. Lol!

Then I started to think about the long slow bjs with prostate massage and how wet that got me... thinking about the very few men I have met with that enjoyed this. They where dripping pre-cum...and it was sweet to taste!

Ah...and the bondage and strapon . The primal feeling I get from penetration! (Making me wet as I write all this out...)

That rare dragon that could fuck several times in 24 hrs!! I used to drive 4 hrs for that! He was also a tentative lover, open to new things, and had great recovery for a man over 40.

My ex-casual with a 8.5" thick cock that could fuck for hrs and was into giving just as much as receiving pleasure. If I told him I'm coming through town after work and to be ready, he would be standing at the door wet from his shower waiting for me... hmm.... yep

The Bad dates far out weigh the good, but it's the great memories that keep me looking. Lol. I rarely come across sex positive men, at least s that are open to women over 40, but they are out there ....somewhere over the Rainbow.

I miss being able to share my desires and fantasies but it's not good for me to have those thoughts all the time. I just got my hyper state of arousal under control and lately my ladywood has been looking for some attention, so the internal conflict rages on. But when you have to search for a relationship it's best to keep my desires on these pages instead of where a new guy would see them. I have definitely lost a few guys once they realized I actually want/desire lots of sex with him, and/or that I'm into kink. Lol

Thing with being alone... it lends to the mind wandering to keep itself amused.

Where is that man that I can say that to?^^^
And have him not judge me harshly. Funny that my sex therapist insists that there are men over 40 out there looking to explore, but she doesn't understand that they are looking for younger hotter women. It doesn't matter how confident you are, how open, .... you still need to be hot.

Ok this heat is getting to me now the humidity is rising.
...I was doing so well at the top of the blog then my frustration came back.
::back to happy place. ::
Bewbs just cos...
Posted:May 17, 2018 10:52 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2018 9:22 am
Sexy bloggers the vanilla dating site is an awesome reminder of how the majority of people are - vanilla, maddona/whore ideals, strangely repressed in a hypersexual society...

I chat a bit about kink on there because I'm trying to find some to kink with. Lol. I rarely talk about my libido and hypersexuallity because yanno sex =/= good gf material.

But I do like to poke fun at some of the chicks that post cleavage shots or sexy pics with a "I'm lly", then a few days later they post a blog asking why soo mamy guys message looking for sex! Then I will blog about the glaring obvious and I will post a cleavage pic. Lol!

So ya, the milkshake brings the boys to the yard.

I have been working on my sense of humour to not piss off so many older guys and Americans...oh and the sexually repressed women ... but if men can openly search for much younger women then I should be able to search for younger men amiright

Plus when and where do you find compatible partners that also enjoy sex..(obvious my obsession)

Must remember that some will like your post, some will dislike it, some don't care either way. 😊
Red dress
Posted:May 12, 2018 8:27 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2018 12:50 pm
Last minute invite to the Pacific Salmon Gala ....

And the food was absolutely delicious!
Plenty of husband hunters there though, so I didn't really bother looking.

Dressing up and going out,
sexy bloggers how often do you indulge in searching out great food?
Dressing up and going out?
Posted:May 4, 2018 9:39 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 2:38 pm
Frisky Friday night for this cat... I just couldn't hold back a minute longer.
The date couldn't make the weekend (dam family responsibility on both sides), but it was enough just having that thought of sex.
Sex on the mind and it's been driving my dreams.

Must be ovulating or something because I could even smell the men that where around me today.... and holy fuck there is one I have a crush on and let's just say he's been playing in my dreams also.
Hmm... but the smell of men, seems it was pretty easy to find the ones that piqued my primal side! I would catch thier scent on the breeze, taste it, let it warm up my ladybits ...pending the primal response would change the level of tingles.

Ah well, sexy bloggers
4 massive orgasms and I'm nice and relaxed now.... but still craving cock amd squirting.

But maybe cheesecake will fill that need for comfort and pleasure.
What are your indulgences? Sweets, savory, dreams, cars,.what have you...???
Yep Tues I think..
Posted:May 1, 2018 10:15 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2018 6:54 am
This is where it's nice to have that lover you can laugh with.

I have definitely busted out laughing when me or him would say something funny or out of place during sex. And for some reason the sex would become even more passionate wince the giggles settled out.

Enjoy the day sexy bloggers

My ladyboner is out of control this week....so much for working to keep it lowered. Lol. Every other thought I have is around sex. I have had some super erotic dreams the last few nights that I woke up with my hand pressed right on the ladybits just begging for his cock. (I really hope I don't talk in my sleep! .)
I have rubbed a few out every chance I get in the evening, but all its doing is increasing my desire for sex.

Yep.. ladywood leads to a ladyboner
Sinday mid mornin
Posted:Apr 29, 2018 11:09 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2018 12:10 pm

Well sexy bloggers let see if this works or not.

As many of you know I have been searching on standard dating sites and that isn't going very well (thanks 44 yr old age tag), so searching for younger men and it's been crickets so far...yada yada yada.

One thing that makes me laugh now is when I hear ads on the radio or on TV about sex and relationships. You know the advertising for the local adult shop that promotes fun times for couples, even the viagra commercials make me roll my eyes.
But why miss flower? Don't roll your eyes... because the struggle is real.

In my experience it's the men outside of relationships that want sex so they are not into what the sex shop is selling which is fun for couples. (obvious they are into viagra but I do chuckle when you can't tell if he's attached in the commercial)

Plus when a man wants a relationship the last thing he looks for is a sexually compatible partner because he's mainly looking for a cook/cleaner/share his hobby kind of person and sex is just a by-product done on occasion. So again he's not interested in what the ads are selling.
And of course many women pretend to enjoy sex to catch a man, but yanno guys you don't have to stay with her and reward her bad behavior with a relationship when she doesn't want sex anymore...yet they stay with her because to him sex isn't that important anyway. Lol

I had a local adult shop ask if I could put on a workshop around sex and kink. It sounds like a fun idea but I don't think many are ready to explore butts and female tops. Lol.

I seen an ad for a sex doll -> they are targeting couples and stating 'that it's impossible to find a sexually compatible relationship so let your husband fuck this doll and you can compromise that way! You both can be happy then!'
Yikes ok, ...

But I also overheard a few women ask where the sex doll is for the woman?!
So thank god there are some women out there that also want more sex. Lol
But many women need more stimulation than just an object to push in n out of the vag, or a clit vibe, even though I trained my body to orgasm in under 2 mins with a clit vibe it's not very satisfying.. (more a survival technique for having sex with most guys, I will be lucky to get an orgasm in unless I wait till he's done and gone so I can just masturbate alone instead).

Why isn't a healthy sex life a part of a healthy relationship?
Do men really just look for arm candy instead of a compatible partner?

When you are dating over 40 it's not about making a family or hanging out with the cool kids.
I require sexual compatibility with my relationships in order for me to even think about doing your laundry. Lol! Yes I get it - it's not fair that I desire sex when you just want a cleaning lady.... and it's not fair that I would hope you enjoy sex and be open to learning new things.

It's a unicorn hunt either way.
In the badlands
Posted:Apr 27, 2018 11:46 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2018 10:33 am
Way out in the country.... not quite banjo playing backwoods but close enough. Lol

It does make meeting new people pretty difficult and now add in my age...
So I will find new porn to keep me company and plan the social nights in the city.
The rope nights may happen maybe every 2 weeks, that is until the host of the house tries hooking up all the chicks and I lose the people that want to attend. Lol!
Just because I can organize events doesn't mean that I have anyone to hang out with at those events. No one else in the area wants to organize nights, and I need the socialization anyway.

(Please...just work picture... its not even a nudie)

I do laugh when people say that you need to put yourself out there in order to meet men, considering I have had all sorts of ads and profiles up, plus attend local events ... I still have yet to see the festival of sausages that many women claim happens. Lol!!
(Ya just because I'm female doesn't mean I have it easy when it comes to meeting men, it comes down to age/attractiveness around these parts)(if I didn't post or go to events I would never get a message. Lol.)

Maybe they are busy chasing after thier trucks.

Sexy bloggers,
How often do you go out to socialize outside of your immediate set of friends?
Do you try something new (new place, pub, group, event) or stick to same kind of venue?
Any adult events or workshops that would interest you?

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